The Team

Kerri Blackburn, BKIN, RMT graduated from the University of British Columbia with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences (2014). She also attended the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, completing the program in 2016. She is a BCAK certified Kinesiologist, affiliated with the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance. Kerri’s treatments focus on utilizing evidence based techniques such as neuromuscular therapy (incorporation of the body’s nervous system to release tight muscles and increase joint range of motion), joint mobilizations (to positively impact motor activity, the sympathetic nervous system and pain levels) and active techniques to address the biomechanical issue causing your symptoms.

Sky, aussie collie, graduated from puppy class in 2020. She’s officially the youngest and most adventurous team member of Mad Bodies and enjoys work retreats involving hikes. She might pop by the office if she’s not too busy doing “paperwork” from the home office.

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